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When you work hard to sculpt your body, it can be frustrating to fall short. There might be parts of your body that don’t fall into place even with the proper workout routine, healthy lifestyle, and specific diet plan. Or rather, that part isn’t lifted to perfection. The part in question is your buttocks.  Having that bodacious booty which is the shape you want it to be, lifted and pert, is challenging to achieve on your own. Sometimes all the squats in the world aren’t going to get you there if that’s not your natural body type. That’s why it’s time to explore the suitable Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

Often, people search using the term “BBL near me“.  We suggest that the best surgeon for you may not be near you.

Keep in mind; this is a plastic surgery option that requires great skill and care. You may have to travel to visit the best plastic surgeon to perform the procedure.  It’s Worth Traveling to Get the Best Doctor for a Brazilian Butt Lift  One of the best practitioners in the business of Brazilian Butt Lift is Dr. Mowlavi out of the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute in southern California. So even if you can’t get BBL near me when you search for the procedure at a location by your home, it might be time to schedule a vacation to coincide with your appointment for the best Brazilian Butt Lift by a true master of the craft.  The work that Dr. Mowlavi has performed for his patients is nothing short of perfection. He’s won the “Sculpting for Surgeons Artist Award” by the International Society of Surgeons and Sculptors. People travel from all over the globe to the surgical suite of Dr. Mowlavi with the intent of having the best plastic surgery performed. Not only does he do BBL, but a variety of other body sculpting services like VASER High Definition Liposuction, breast augmentation, mommy makeovers, facial services, and so much more.  

When you are in the market for a surgeon with skills that surpass all others, it’s time to travel to see Dr. Mowlavi’s talented hands in person. Dr. Mowlavi estimates that up to 70 percent of his patients can’t find the right “BBL near me” surgeon, so they make the specific trip to see him.  Schedule a Virtual Consultation The great news is that you can schedule a complimentary consultation virtually with Dr. Mowlavi and his staff. That way, you don’t have to travel to southern California for the initial consultation over Facetime, Zoom, or Skype. As a busy plastic surgeon, Dr. Mowlavi does perform procedures four days a week, but he makes time to see patients for in-person or virtual consultations.  All the Fees Are Detailed Up Front After the consultation, all of the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery fees and any other procedures that you want are detailed upfront. That may include the cost of overnight stay care if you need that as well. Then you can decide to schedule the procedures and book your trip to California if you don’t live in the Newport Beach area.  More About the Recovery of BBL The surgery itself for BBL takes about two to three hours. The recovery time from BBL surgery is about one to two weeks. You’ll feel back to normal after three to four weeks. It’s a faster recovery than traditional butt augmentation surgery. After the initial procedure, you’ll be able to travel back home within a few days. 

You should also look at Dr. Mowlavi BBL before and after cases.  His work is exceptional.

Are you ready to explore the best in Brazilian Butt Lift surgery from an exceptional doctor that is worth making the trip to see? Give the staff at Dr. Mowlavi’s office a call today at the Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Institute to schedule your free consultation appointment as soon as possible. 

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